Definition of Layered Impressions Designs

I stumbled upon making these beautiful paper flower bouquets when my sister, who has recently gotten engaged, told me that she wanted to incorporate one of her favorite things, books, into her wedding.  I put some thought into it, and suggested paper flowers made out of book pages to her.  She wasn't completely sold on the idea, so I decided to make a sample bouquet to see how it would turn out.

The finished product was simply beautiful!

I uploaded the picture to Facebook, and I got a surprising overwhelming response telling me how pretty this unique bouquet is.

Based upon everyones' kind words of encouragement, I have decided to open up a store selling my creations.  As a bride who had alternative flowers at her wedding, I can tell you that I absolutely loved the decision that I made!  Those flowers last for longer than just the wedding day: I have them displayed, and I still bring them out every now and then just to hold them, and remember how wonderful my wedding day was.

These flowers would be beautiful for any occasion: baby shower, formal dinner, prom, photo shoots,  just about anything you can think up!  In addition to being made into a bouquet, these unique flowers can be incorporated into anything you desire.  Email me with you specific needs, and I can help to make your event a memorable one.